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This mission is accomplished by working for and with local communities (e.g., veterinarians, animal/public health professionals, support to local veterinary services, farmers and other professionals working throughout the food chain) to improve animal protection, veterinary care and food safety.

The aim is contributing to improve living conditions and to preserve food sovereignty in the most vulnerable regions by working with community-based animal health programs, in emergency and preparedness, supporting the local veterinary services or on the market access for small scale producers.

Development – by education and awareness raising activities – and international cooperation, that can enhance the implementation of public policies and good governance, in line with the international standards, remain a priority.

Activities of VSF include veterinary knowledge through sustainable capacity building (education, training, and technical assistance) by:

– supporting community-based animal health programs and food safety systems, local veterinary services, working toward preventing, controlling and eliminating priority diseases and food safety hazards, including emergency response and preparedness;

– assisting with natural resources in management, genetic resources and conservation of animal species and biodiversity;

– promoting food sovereignty and market access for small scale farmers or associations operating in the food chain,

– globally addressing health risks at the human-animal-ecosystems interfaces or supporting income generating activities (value chain) and economic growth.