In order to better organize the VSF in providing support and capacity building, several technical areas of intervention were identify and specific working groups will be established in:

1) Animal health and welfare (prophylaxis and medical interventions, early detection and response, species specific including exotic wild animals, Transboundary Animal Diseases and preparedness, Good Veterinary Practices)

2) One health (priority zoonosis, antimicrobial resistance, foodborne diseases, integration of control systems across animal, food and human sectors)

3) Food safety (Good Hygiene Practices, food crisis preparedness, veterinary inspection)

4) Environment and biodiversity (including threaten species and emerging diseases)

5) Animal production (Good Farming Practices, value chains, genetic resources, feed)

For each technical area of intervention, cross-cutting activities may include,

– Strategy and Good Governance (Needs assessment and identification of priorities for support, policy, respect of legislation, procedures);

– Epidemiology, surveillance and control systems, including aid in emergency response and preparedness,

– Information systems and other management tools (databases, procedures, chain of command),

– Communication (Awareness, good practices, etc)

– Laboratory support (official testing, business plans, disease diagnostic, Good Laboratory Practices)

For each group, a summary of the “ core information” file concerning the areas of intervention is prepared on the basis of a pre-defined model.